16 March 2020, Sri Gandhi Vidya Mandir Trust, Sardarshahr, Churu Distt. Rajasthan started its fight against COVID 19 with its most effective and 800 year old Ayurvedic formula/medicine named “Sarvjvarhar Churna”. The Trust distributed the decoction (kadah) prepared from this “Sarvjvarhar Churna” in the vicinity of Sardarshahr, Churu District, Rajasthan free of cost to 2,50,000 people. Due to its effective results, this effort has received a lot of appreciation by the Government Authorities.

Due to the massive spread of COVID 19 across the world, it got declared as a Pandemic and India took a decision of Lockdown. Thus, with the city of Sardarshahar locked down, The Trust felt it was best to stop the door-to-door distribution of the kadah.

Sri Gandhi Vidya Mandir Trust always known to be a TRUST working for the concern and welfare of humanity strongly felt the need to somehow continue to provide people with this churna without putting anyone at risk. After much thought, they decided to distribute Sarvjvarhar Churna in a powdered form at its nominal cost so that people can make kadah at their own homes.

A major part of Sardarshahr has been able to receive and benefit from this Churna. Seeing such successful results, far more than initially expected, Sri Gandhi Vidya Mandir Trust decided to distribute this Churna to the entire nation.The Trust went ahead and set up a unit to manufacture this Churna in a voluminous quantity to be able to distribute to Government Bodies, Police, Hospitals, frontline workers, offices, Educational Institutions, various state authorities, etc.




Many people among us are coming forward to sponsor Sarvjvarhar Churna to be distributed at such a scale and lend a hand in this fight against COVID 19.

We welcome all those Donors who are interested in sponsoring this age-old Ayurvedic formula/medicine named “Sarvjvarhar Churna” made by Shri A Nagraj ji  (Propounder, Madhyasth Darshan Sah-Astitvavad) for Government Bodies, Police, Hospitals, frontline workers, etc so that they are able to distribute it further in their local societies.




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